So, we’ve been in Madison, Wisconsin for a week now, and won’t be leaving until the end of this one, and man has it been great to just be in a place rather than traveling every few days. We’ve had Babcock Hall ice cream a couple of times, once on Union Terrace, and once at the Monona Bait and Tackle, which is a charming fastish food place on Lake Monona. I recommend both, although the Monona Bait and Tackle is pretty off the beaten path.

We haven’t had any fried cheese curds, unfortunately. We were thinking about getting some at the Madison Farmer’s Market, but that ended up feeling like a little too much, though I guess fried cheese is always kind of too much.

The farmer’s market was very pleasant though: it takes place in the block around the capitol, so there are some nice garden areas opposite the stalls. We seem to have arrived in the middle of pea season, because we got some incredible sugar snap peas. It seemed like all the farms had mountains of them. If we were staying til Saturday, I’d get some more for the road.

As this is another place I’ve been visiting for many years, we’ve also been back to some old favorites, notably Monty’s Blue Plate Diner, which is a great diner in, I believe, an old gas station. It has a wonderful vegetarian selection, which is a big deal for me, but Will and my Aunt Nancy also vouched for some of the meat dishes.

When I visited Wisconsin as a kid, my brother and I would each have a night when we visited Aunt Nancy by ourselves, and she and I would often go to Monty’s. It was sometimes a struggle for a very picky eater (as well as a vegetarian) to find things to eat at my Grandpa and Grandma’s retirement community in Milwaukee, so I was always excited for the meatless loaf of the gods, or pancakes for dinner, or more of their great menu.

As pleasant as it’s been to rest here, I’m also excited to get back on the road, heading to Minneapolis!


One thought on “Madison

  1. Meatless Loaf of the Gods…mmmmmmmm…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
    This is not sarcastic, for any meat eaters that may think this delicious meal sounds ridiculous. Try it next time you are in Madison!

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