Cincinnati/Restaurant Blog Interlude

I’ve been to Cincinnati twice now: once when it was very cold, and once when it was very hot. I’m sure there are other temperatures that happen there, but not as far as I know about. That means that both times I’ve been there, I’ve spent more time than I might otherwise have inside.

Nonetheless, we did manage to get out of the house, and one of the biggest things I noticed was that Cincinnati has a lot more great restaurants than I had been led to believe. Not, of course, that anyone had said “man, you know where has terrible food? Cincinnati,” but my expectations had not been built up. So, here are some mini restaurant reviews of places we went:

Django:  Really good taco place; pretty cheap. Spent a while dissecting the logic behind their cool, stainless steel taco holders. Great fancy cocktails.

Taste of Belgium: Man oh man, I wish I’d discovered this place earlier so I could have eaten every meal there. I had a savory crêpe, although there were a lot of sweet crêpes that sounded intriguing too. Our waitress gave us some waffles to go that you can heat in the toaster, and those are also amazing.

KaZe: Really good sushi place. I’m vegetarian, but Will vouched for the fish sushi, and Chloe enjoyed the shrimp buns. They also have fancy cocktails, and we sat at the sushi bar and watched the chefs make sushi, which was a good time in and of itself.

The Littlefield: Chloe and I went there last January, so it’s been a while, but it’s a great fancy bourbon bar with an intense list of cocktails.

There were other good places we went in January, and I’m sure there are more, but I wanted to give these a shout out. Next entry: Chicago!


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