A Hot Second of Boston

First off, I want to say that my mother was right, and I was wrong: it was definitely a bad idea to stay in a dorm-type hostel before a job interview. It definitely would have been worth it to spring for a private room. Nota bene, everyone.

I didn’t actually spend any real time in Boston, so I don’t have many good travel stories. I flew in for roughly 36 hours for a job interview, although I did have a very pleasant time in Cambridge when I visited last winter, probably the week before it got cold and started snowing forever. In the words of Avery, there were youth everywhere, and several good brunch spots–an invaluable metric of city quality.

We did go to Boston Beer Works, because I was feeling a little nauseous after my interview (I blame a turbulent flight and nerves), because I felt that the best remedy for this was some pretzels and beer cheese, and a martini. While ‘helped’ is a strong word for what they did, the pretzels and beer cheese are incredible. Definitely recommend.

Anyway, we successfully drove across southern Ohio via Cleveland (see below), and had incredible falafel from the Athens Greek Restaurant in Mansfield, Ohio. Entry on Cincinnati coming soon!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.47.55 PM


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