Back at Oberlin

I’ve been having a hard time starting this entry. I’ve spent most of the week hiding out in our airbnb room and suggesting to Will that we go to Cleveland. It’s very weird being back at Oberlin, especially when most of the people I’m used to spending time with here aren’t around.

This was the right time to visit Oberlin though: much more greenery than I remembered, although some of that is from staying in residential Oberlin, where there are yards and gardens rather than just quads. I’m sure spring is always like this, but a lot of what I remember is winter, or at least times that aren’t as nice as it is right now. Apparently I convinced Will it was some sort of barren wasteland, and he seems to be pleasantly surprised at its verdancy.

It’s particularly weird because classes aren’t in session, so Mudd Library and the classroom buildings I’ve been in have been maudlinly empty. I remember walking through the empty halls a year ago and realizing I was never going to go to another class there again. I haven’t always been happy here, but I did enjoy more of my classes than I didn’t. And, since I have no immediate plans for grad school, that mode of my life is over for the foreseeable future. I’m sure that will be a much smaller deal when I’m, you know, on to another mode of life that isn’t taxiing on the runway.

Anyway, hopefully something much more upbeat next week, when we go on to Pittsburgh!


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